Attractions around Chisinau

Chisinau it self offers so many attractions, that a visitor can spend weeks discovering all the beauties. Nevertheless the several world unique places can be found in vicinity of Chisinau.

Underground wine road in Cricovo and Mileshti Mici

Underground Wine Road

Cricovo is famous by its wine cellars. Specialization of these cellars - dry and semidry wines, and champagne. You can observe the splendid underground town, spreaded for more than 100 km. Its dark streets are named as various wines stored there: Aligote, Riesling, Feteasca, Codru, and etc. Someare from the collection of Hermann Goering and have many valuable bottles. They contain more than 1.5 mln bottles; there are bottles 1902 year dated. At the end of the excursion you will taste the famous Moldavian wines.
Mileshti Mici is the second largest underground wine town, spreaded for more than 40 km. You will travel round dark streets of underground city and admire skill and diligence of wine-makers. Wine collection contains more than one million bottles. At the end of the excursion you will taste the famous Moldavian wines.

Orheiul vechi - historical cradle of Moldova

Orhey Monastery in Moldova

Saharna river - Moldova's Niagara

Saharna river waterfall

From the rocky tops you can see beautiful scenery. Covered with forests, the Saharna river canyon as long as 16 km with a large number of more than 30 rapids and cascades will pleasantly surprise even a sophisticated traveler, who is looking for something nice outside of Chisinau. The largest cascade falls down from a height of 10 meters and it is as wide as 5 meters. It is not Niagara Falls yet, but still impressive for those who have seen it. There is also a huge fortess from 1500's called Soroca Fortress.

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